Mental Health Awareness – Its an important conversation.

  • Author People and Culture - Kate Grinter & Emi Cybulski
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  • Date 14.10.2022
Mental Health Month is part of a national mental health promotion campaign held in October each year, and incorporates World Mental Health Day, held globally on 10 October.

Mental health issues affect more than one in five Australians every year, so it is important to encourage Team Members to stop and think about their mental wellbeing.

At Core we encourage our Team to think about the ways in which they can enhance their social and emotional wellbeing by building their personal resilience and support networks. Thinking outside the square with different tools they can add to their toolkit to help live in a positive and meaningful way.

Concepts such as

Grounding – A technique that involves doing activities that ground or reconnect you to earth

Cold Dips – Swimming or submerging in cold water can boost immune systems, build resilience to stress, and treat inflammation

Sauna – Bathing has health benefits that include detoxification, increased metabolism weight loss and increase blood circulation

Deep breathing – Deep breathing increase the supply of oxygen to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness

Walking – Even a walk as short at 30 minutes every day can lower your heart rate, ease your anxiety, and relieve your stress.

Mental health refers to a state of wellbeing where everyone realises and understands their potential, and can cope with normal stresses in life, works productively, and contributes to their community (World Health Organisation 2005). It’s about how we relate to other people, manage our emotions, and generally navigate the demands of everyday life.

During mental health week the Core team engaged in a variety of activities that everyone to support each other to look after and maintain their own mental health as they would their physical health.

Each activity was tied to one of our key values.

Hunger – Healthy breakfast

Fun – Table tennis competition

Acceptance – Yoga

Wholeness – Guided Tibetan sound bowl

Creativity – Lego and coffee catch up

At Core we aim to provide life skills to our Team Members to assist with preventing mental illness. We hope to have a continued positive impact on our team members health and wellbeing.

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