It’s official — we are now certified as a Family Friendly Workplace!

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  • Date 19.09.2022

It’s official – we are now certified as a Family Friendly Workplace!

We have the pleasure to announce Core as a newly certified Family Inclusive Workplace, an initiative by Parents At Work and UNICEF Australia.

We couldn’t be prouder to join a forward-thinking group of organisations that are setting a new standard in family friendly workplace practices and embark on this journey with our team.

We are fundamentally a different type of business; we are PEOPLE FIRST. Everything we do is underpinned by a theme of respect of people, place, and planet.

We genuinely care. Ours is a business that puts people before profit. We go above and beyond to deliver meaningful outcomes of real and lasting value. We care about the projects we take on. We care about people. And, at the end of the day, we care about the legacy we are creating.

At Core we want all Team Members to work in an environment that promotes equal employment opportunity (EEO) and actively encourages inclusion and diversity. For us this includes ensuring that we are a Family Friendly Workplace.

Core’s family friendly commitments include:

✔️ A progressive parental leave policy with the use of gender inclusive language
✔️ A supportive return to work policy with reduced hours at full pay
✔️ A generous superannuation scheme applied to all parental leave

Employee Story
Kate Grinter, People and Culture Manager

Initially starting with Core, in January 2016 after Kate’s first-born son turned one.
Kate was looking for a Senior People and Culture Position, that allowed her the flexibility to work Part Time whilst still growing in her career.

Core as a people first company has supported Kate’s career growth all whilst providing her with the flexibility of working 3 days a week. Throughout her journey, Kate has had the opportunity to take Parental Leave and return to her substantive role of People and Culture Manager.

“I am super proud to work for a company where building a family is not a deterrent to career progression. Core really cares about their people and how they send people back out into the world. I can say whole heartedly I have never worked for a company who cared so much about their team members and their family.

I felt so supported during my period of Parental leave, and super supported in my transition back to the workforce. In addition to this, I feel like I am able to request flexibility when required to balance both Mum life and work life. And Core not only gets that but goes out of their way to actively support this.

I remember on an occasion, I had to leave work as my little one was not 100%, before I could even get home, there was flowers on the door and a call from the Co-CEO checking in. They really do go above and beyond!!

Finally, I can’t wait to see what other family friendly initiatives that we build in to the inclusive and supportive working environment that already exists.”

The Family Friendly Workplaces certification positions Core as a family inclusive employer and a leader in the property industry.