Core People
End of Year

  • Date 01.08.2023

The People and Culture Team focused on our Key Pillars: Purpose, Communication, Service, Relationships, Skills, and Growth. We welcomed new team members in various areas such as Communities, Built Form, Marketing, Administration, and Land. Additionally, we prioritised internal promotions and mentoring to develop talent from within.

We joined The Circle Back Initiative, committing to respond to every job applicant. To support career growth, we implemented a new performance appraisal structure and system, empowering our team members to succeed. In the next 12 months, we plan to introduce an internal recognition initiative to celebrate achievements.

As a family-friendly workplace, we prioritise supporting our team members through different life phases. We continued our partnership with Leading Teams, providing tools for building strong relationships and effective communication. Mental Health First Aid Certification was undertaken by our team members to enhance mental health awareness and support.

We organised a Sales Retreat focused on negotiation and presentation skills, team building, and the rollout of our Key Pillars. Work health and safety remained a top priority, with an OHS consultant guiding us in compliance and employee protection. Diversity and inclusion are integral to our company culture, fostering respect, learning, and appreciation of differences.

We provide benefits such as flexible working arrangements, an Employee Assistance Program, extended purchased leave, paid parental leave, yoga, massages, guided meditation, milestone gifts, study assistance, flu vaccinations, and team breakfasts. Our office also features exciting amenities like an indoor slide, basketball court, and a high-quality coffee machine.