Change of leadership at Core

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  • Date 02.12.2020

Core Projects are delighted to announce the appointment of Nicki Hay and James Thomas to the roles of Co-CEOs.

The new roles signify an exciting new phase for Core, who despite the events
of 2020, have gone from strength to strength as a business. The Co-CEO
structure is not one ever seen within the property industry, and is the domain
of only the most innovative and market leading businesses. Critical to its
success is an understanding of when to make decisions together and
individually, whilst always working towards achieving a shared vision. James
and Nicki for a long time now have operated as a tight knit team, in lock step
and with shared views on culture, business and Core’s continued evolution as a

role within Core is extremely important, so supporting the team and business in
this big new role is such an exciting honour and milestone. I’m so lucky to
have such a brilliant Co-CEO who over time hasn’t just become an incredible
business partner, but a trusted friend, advisor and who has been someone who
wasn’t afraid to back in my not so traditional trains for thought that have
helped make Core what it is today.”
Nicki Hay

At just 5 years old, the business is the selling agent for the largest
masterplan communities in Greater Melbourne as well as Greater Geelong. Despite
deep challenges across the property industry, Core has seen the lowest fall
over rate amongst its competitors this year; the company’s long-term focus on people
and nurturing quality leads being the key attributing factor to this success.

Leaders of a business our job is to serve those we work with and I cannot think
of anyone within our organization that has done more for our people than Nicki.
Nicki is one of the most brilliant minds within our space challenging the
status quo and strengthening our position as market leaders. Our culture,
brand, and excellence in delivery is a direct result of Nicki’s efforts and
vision. In combining our roles as Co-Ceo’s the day-to-day operation of Core
will not change; this structure is to recognize & reflect the way our
business has and will continue to be run moving forward.”
James Thomas

Steve Hay, Acquisitions Director, will continue to strategically
challenge and act as a sounding board for the Co-CEO’s.  As a high profile
and respected member of the property industry, his experience, deep
understanding and vision for Core is something that James and Nicki will continue
to draw on.

am a strong believer in the Co- CEO role. Core Projects’ transition from start
up to medium sized business has been exciting and challenging. Credit to the
whole team must be acknowledged. James and Nicki’s complimentary skills and
teamwork will continue to provide the strong foundations for this growth and
success. It is also exciting to see them regularly being consulted by industry
groups and consultants as industry leaders. So congratulations to both with the
appointment and let’s keep moving forward.”
Steve Hay

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