What is it that you care for. Truly?

  • Author Louise Caleo - Project Marketing Specialist
  • Category Purpose
  • Date 19.09.2022

Purpose driven marketing is certainly a critical consideration, especially in 2022, where the Gen Z consumer reports that they are three times more likely than other generations to make purchase decisions driven from a brands’ purpose rather than solely on the product or service offering itself.

This places an emphasis on the need for new communities to align with a greater cause, whereby project marketing activities may show support to a chosen NFP, social issues, community partners and so on. All in all, purpose driven marketing models are becoming outstandingly prevalent in the project marketing space.

According to Kerryn Schrank, Core’s sustainability advisor “understanding the projects potential in solving a bigger societal need (all with importance to your target audience) and how you immerse that purpose throughout the project lifestyle, is the key question you need to be answering.”

Authentic alignments will often place emphasis on delivering tangible resources within the design and construction of the community. This might include a centric placemaking reminder, nods within the construction to every neighbourhood streetscape, or maybe each and every new home site has a set standard guide where the home (end product) aligns with the selected cause and overarching project vision.

During pre-development phases, in the early stages of the project life-cycle, tactical campaigns are heavily relied upon to build understanding and open a discussion into the broader cause that the project will represent – so your customers are in the know. Not surprisingly, in all instances this entails far more than slapping an additional logo on your project’s email signature.

Research proves generation Z are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious buyers, and look to minimise energy costs and consumption in their day-to-day lives. Tackling climate change through providing energy efficient housing is an example of how new community Harli have considered this societal need within the project visioning, while also aligning to Gen Z values. Harli will be 100% run by electricity with no gas connection, and all Harli homes will have seven-star energy efficiency ratings – a first for Melbourne’s South East. Keep a look out for this unique sustainable community launching October 2022 – Harli | A Cranbourne West community

Across Core communities, and with our developer partners, there are a substantial number of key causes being represented to create a broader awareness and highlight project specific values and visions. More recently, themes found in the most successful partnerships have directed their focus towards Land, People and Housing where they are providing societal, functional and emotional benefits for the customer.

Need guidance in finding the perfect Gen-Z head-turning cause, that is truly an authentic alignment to your project? Reach out for a comprehensive discussion. 

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