A word from our CO-CEOS

  • Category News
  • Date 15.07.2022

James Thomas + Nicki Hay

Looking back at the last 12 months, several challenges have arisen for our industry on a number of different fronts. With sales at a record high, it’s been great to achieve so many wins for our team and clients. However, this has been counter balanced with uncertainty. There’s been remote working and consistent lockdowns. Making it challenging to give people a comfortable and secure place to work.

Lucky for us, being a people-centred business did put us in good stead to rise to this challenge. It allowed us to really engage with our team to understand how we can best support them. We’re so proud to say that we’ve been recognised in a number of different areas for both our workplace culture and our diversity and we also have just been certified nationally as a family-friendly workplace.

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