A one of a kind Community



From the moment you arrive, you quickly realise that Hartleigh is a one of a kind community.

A place where you can create your ideal life, in the picturesque Clyde landscape. Everything you expect from a premium estate is there, but it’s the little, extra details that elevate Hartleigh into a league of its own. They are elements that add a little surprise and delight to every day; the hallmarks of a creative team dedicated to providing all residents with a truly special lifestyle experience.

  • Type Community
  • Status Current
  • Location Clyde
  • Lots 766
  • Avg. Lot Size 383m2
  • Website
100 Pattersons Road, Clyde, VIC, 3978, Australia
This open space has been included in the masterplan to promote health and wellbeing, and give time poor residents a convenient and idyllic place to exercise.

Designed with convenience and lifestyle in mind, running along the entire southern edge of the estate is the Hartleigh active boulevard.

01 / 07