Looking for Sales Assistant

  • Category Careers
  • Date 22.08.2022

Sales Assistants can be either part-time or full time.

Sales Assistant role has a focus on growing the team members understanding of the industry, key documents and the functions that a sales office perform and what Core’s sales approach is.

Key focuses for this role are:

–        Delivering an engaging and exceptional customer service when the selling team members are unavailable to do so

–        Understanding the unique selling points of the estate

–        Gain a detailed understanding of:

o   Standard lot attributes and irregular lots

o   Plan of Subdivisions

o   Engineering plans

o   Design Guidelines and what is standard and non-standard

o   Relevant ResCode items

–        Assisting with incoming and outgoing communications

o   Handling general community enquiries

o   Making title update calls

o   Focusing on warm and cold lead follow-ups and reclassification of leads

–        Providing day-to-day assistance to the Estate Manager by:

o   Booking in client meetings

o   Issuing documentation and email communications

o   Follow-up calls

What we are looking for when selecting someone for this role:

–        Excellent customer service skills

–        Willingness to learn

–        Proactive nature

–        Experience in the property, retail or hospitality industry preferred

–        Thursday to Sunday availability

–        Agent Representative certificate preferred (you will be required to achieve this qualification within the first 8 weeks of your start date, if you don’t already have it)

Please note that there is THREE levels within a Sales Assistant Category. The descriptor above, is for our Entry level role.