Looking for Sales Associates

  • Category Careers
  • Date 22.08.2022

Sales Associates can either be employed on a casual or part-time basis.

They offer support to the sales team that they work within through their quality customer service and their administration skills.

Key focuses for this role are:

–        Delivering welcoming and exceptional customer service; meeting and greeting and providing the hospitality available in the sales office space. I.e., coffee and waters

–        Gathering an initial understanding of the customers’ needs through conversation and polite inquiry

–        Introducing the clients to a Sales Consultant or Estate Manager

–        Completing enquiry and register of interest forms (as directed)

–        Assist with the follow up and processing of leads (only as directed)

–        Assisting with phone enquiries

–        Maintain the cleanliness and functionality of the sales office;

o   Timely attendance of the sales office and observation of operating hours

o   Restocking of brochures and other marketing materials

o   Keeping the office both visually tidy and maintain hygiene of surfaces

What we are looking for when selecting someone for this role:

–        Excellent customer service skills

–        Approachability (warm and inviting personality)

–        Proactive nature

–        Experience in the property, retail or hospitality industry preferred

–        Weekend availability

–        Agent Representative certificate preferred (you may be requested to achieve this qualification during your time with us, if you don’t already have it)


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